'Challenges for People Management in 2023' was the last action of the Talentum Program that counted, in a very dynamic session, with the sharing of opinions and questions between the moderator and the audience. Consultant Artur Ferraz, from IBC, was the guest speaker and started by presenting the results of the Gartner study, which resulted from a survey conducted with over 800 Human Resources leaders from 60 countries, to identify priorities and challenges for 2023. Leadership effectiveness was the issue most referenced as being the priority. Other priorities included organizational design and change management, employee experience, recruiting, and the future of work.

The results of this study served as the basis for the dominant themes of the session. Leadership effectiveness was considered one of the most sensitive topics, but also the key to success when it comes to managing people. Leaders are currently struggling with some worrying issues that will continue through 2023, such as rising inflation, the scarcity of talent in the market and its costs, and the volatility and restrictions in supply chains. In other words, everything points to 2023 extending the uncertain environment that characterized a good part of 2022.

This conjuncture, in the opinion of Artur Ferraz, given rise to the propagation of the discourse of fear, and it is essential in organizations that we can reduce it so that people feel more motivated and optimistic. To do so, it is necessary to adopt a new approach centered on a humanized leadership that is more authentic, empathetic, and adaptable.

It is necessary to take a close look at this issue, otherwise we will continue to see large national and foreign companies recruiting Portuguese talent, managing to offer conditions that SMEs can hardly match. "If we can't give monetary value, we have to value people in another way", he warned, pointing out that "more and more, people will flee from unpleasant workplaces, so it is crucial to create environments where they feel good".

Issues such as flexibility are very important in this context. On the other hand, it's also fundamental that organizations create change strategies so that their people feel more integrated and collaborative.


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